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Good security guard services are the key to peace of mind, particularly when it comes to business. Sad to say, but a workplace can be a target for criminals. They might be attracted to valuable equipment that they can loot and then sell on the black market, or to data like credit card information. That is why it is clients’ best interests to hire reputable security guards in a growing industry for public and private law enforcement.

Good security companies will only hire trained and officially sanctioned guards with a legal guard card for onsite and foot patrol security. At our guard training school, we are a one-stop locale for all your office needs to becoming client-ready for jobs. Our highly trained instructors have over 30 years of experience in public and private law enforcement. We ensure that you are prepared with anything from using batons and basic firearms to knowing how to deal with pepper spray or tear gas. All our gun and baton training instructors are licensed with the BSIS Firearm and Baton Instructors License. Our competitive prices also guarantee that our students and aspiring security specialists get everything they need to become one in one location.

We also offer live scan services as part of our Academy, as mandated by all public and private law enforcement companies. Whatever you need in order to become part of a professional security service, we are here to assist you with our excellent security training. Those in need of guard training services should contact us at Evans Security Training Academy in Compton, CA.

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